Pittsburgh Steelers Show Potential In Primetime

By Jeff Hartman
Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

It took a while, but the Pittsburgh Steelers finally proved their potential in dominating fashion against the Cincinnati Bengals Sunday night on national television. I will simply put aside the fact that the Steelers hadn’t won on Sunday Night Football at home since 2009, but when the lights were shining the brightest the Steelers actually showed up for once.

It was a performance that made a clear distinction of what Pittsburgh is capable of in all three phases of football with big time special teams plays, an offense that was scoring touchdowns in the red zone and a defense that was stifling at times.

For one night, all was right in the world with the Steelers and their hot and cold fan base. The Steelers actually showed everyone their potential and what kind of team they could be if they got out of their own way. The sad thing about the Steelers finally coming into form is that it is simply too little too late.

When a team starts the year 0-4, there is a reason only a couple teams in NFL history have ever recovered from that to make the postseason. The hole is just too deep to dig out of.

A lot of fans want to point fingers at one or two specific people to put the blame on for this up and down roller coaster ride of a football season.

Todd Haley, Mike Tomlin, Kevin Colbert, Dick LeBeau, Art Rooney II, Ben Roethlisberger – I could go on.

All have been the target of scrutiny from the fans and media as for the reason for the team not coming together at the most crucial time, but the blame goes to everyone. There isn’t one member of the Steelers football organization that cannot shoulder some blame for the poor performance and the second consecutive non-winning season this team will face when their final two games conclude.

The Steelers have been underwhelming, disappointing and downright bad at times this season, but for one frigid night in December they were the Steelers that we all know and love as they dominated the Bengals on national TV.

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