What Will It Take For The Pittsburgh Steelers To Make The Playoffs?

By Brandon Sweeney
Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

For the Pittsburgh Steelers, playoff hopes are getting smaller by the day, but the opportunity is still there.

The Steelers currently sit at 6-8 and are third in the AFC North. After Week 15 concluded, the playoffs grew further away from the Steelers, with the Baltimore Ravens defeating the Detroit Lions on Monday night. However, the Steelers are taking it as still having a chance to fight for the ultimate prize. The first call of business is to win the two remaining games on the schedule.

The Steelers will be taking on the Green Bay Packers in Week 16 and the Cleveland Browns on Dec. 29 to close out the season. The Packers may or may not have quarterback Aaron Rodgers cleared to play, as the former Super Bowl MVP has been nursing a broken collarbone for the past several weeks. The Browns have lost five straight games, but have managed to play strong against their opponents.

So, what else will it take for the Steelers to get into the 2013 playoffs?

The Miami Dolphins and the Baltimore Ravens must lose their remaining two games. The Dolphins play the Buffalo Bills and the New York Jets (who were eliminated from the playoff picture on Monday night), and the Ravens play the New England Patriots and Cincinnati Bengals.

The San Diego Chargers must lose one of their remaining two games, while the Jets must win both contests. The Chargers play the Oakland Raiders and the Kansas City Chiefs in the last two weeks of the regular season, while the Jets have the Browns and Dolphins.

“You never know. First things first, we have to win these games and see where it goes from there,” said defensive end Ziggy Hood. “If we can stay on the right path and get a little help from somebody, you never know.”

The path that lies ahead for the Steelers will not be easy. One thing that remains certain is that the Steelers will not throw in the towel ,as they showed last Sunday night with a win against the Bengals.

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