5 NFL Games That Will Be Blowouts in Week 16

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Blowouts in Week 16

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Away with statistics, facts and logic — I’m going with my gut this week despite the fact that it’s a very overrated thing to do. People offer up the advice to do as such pretty often, but it’s usually because they don’t want to put any thought into what they're saying, not because it's wise to make decisions on a hunch.

My gut has steered me wrong countless times, but I don’t know what else to do for picking Week 16’s blowouts after Week 15. There is no making sense out of the results from last week with several of the best blowout candidates going in the opposite direction. The last-place Minnesota Vikings were able to take down the first-place Philadelphia Eagles 48-30.

The 5-8 Pittsburgh Steelers beat the 9-4 Cincinnati Bengals 30-20 in a contest that was much more out of reach than the score suggests. Then there was the New Orleans Saints who trailed the St. Louis Rams 27-3 until a couple of garbage-time touchdowns put the final score at 27-16.

Finally, there was the Thursday night game in which the 6-7 San Diego Chargers went into Mile High and put down the 11-2 Denver Broncos 27-20. While it wasn’t a lopsided victory, the game ended far from where most predicted. The Chargers have a very weak defense that somehow put a lid on a Bronco offense that is on pace to break several NFL records.

Now I’m not going to put on a blindfold and throw darts at a list of games, but I am going to make some picks that seem pretty random. As we saw in Week 15, the past can’t always help you predict the future, so I’m going with my instincts this week. Here are five games that my gut tells me are going to be blowouts.

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5. Indianapolis Colts vs. Kansas City Chiefs

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These two teams are somewhat evenly matched, but a lopsided Chiefs victory is definitely in the cards. The Colts have beaten the best this season but have also been blown out a couple of times. Kansas City has scored 101 points in the last two weeks and leads the league in defensive touchdowns, special teams touchdowns and is third in the NFL in scoring.

Prediction: Chiefs 38, Colts 24

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4. Minnesota Vikings vs. Cincinnati Bengals

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Though the Vikings beat down the Eagles last week and the Bengals were controlled by the Steelers, I’m picking Cincy in a lopsided victory. Minnesota has yet to win on the road and Cincy’s track record suggests they’re much better than their Sunday night performance from Week 15.

Prediction: Bengals 33, Vikings 13

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3. Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Green Bay Packers

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I’m not going to choose a winner outright on this one. With Aaron Rodgers’ status for the game still up in the air, the outcome could go either way. Rodgers is one of the biggest difference-makers in the league, and his presence will decide which way the blowout goes.

Prediction: If Rodgers plays, Packers 38, Steelers 20. If he doesn’t, Steelers 28, Packers 10.

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2. New England Patriots vs. Baltimore Ravens

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Joe Flacco plays his best with his back against the wall, and the Ravens are in a do or die situation. The Patriots have been shaky all year and are lucky to be 10-4. Six of their wins have come by three points or less. Baltimore has squeaked by quite a bit this season, too, but they’re at home and seem to be heading in the right direction.

Prediction: Ravens 30, Patriots 13

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1. Arizona Cardinals vs. Seattle Seahawks

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When these teams met in Week 7 the Cardinals were beaten handily at home by the Seahawks (34-22), so why will the roles be reversed this time around? My gut said so. The fact Arizona is in a must-win situation and Seattle is in a ‘we’re still in really good shape even if we lose’ situation could also help a little.

Prediction: Cardinals 30, Seahawks 13