Detroit Lions: Calvin Johnson’s Drops and Other Inexplicable Things

By Chris Loud
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Lions experienced, well, an awful game against the Baltimore Ravens under the major national spotlight of Monday Night Football. The city was hyped for the occasion, fans were dressed in blue, and people all over the country were looking forward to seeing both offenses showcased under the lights. However, the Ravens failed to score a single touchdown, and the Lions’ only touchdowns came on the very first drive of the game and their second to last drive of the game. The last drive consisted mainly of an interception by Matthew Stafford.

The running game looked great on the first drive then for some reason completely disappeared. Stafford seemed rushed for no reason on several throws and missed his targets by several feet on numerous passes. To top it off, Calvin Johnson dropped multiple passes while wide open. First of all, Johnson is never wide open. I mean, he is never wide open. So maybe he’s just not used to what the air feels like around his hands when he catches the ball with no defenders hanging on him. Second, Johnson made catches in this game that should not be made. Stafford threw Johnson some very bad passes that Johnson somehow managed to reel in.

There seemed to be a heavy pressure on the Lions that they just could not handle. Of course this was a massive game for them, with playoff hopes on the brink and a national stage they rarely experience. However, the Lions are a grown up team now. They can’t blame inexperience anymore. They’ve been close before, played well in important games, executed big comebacks, and beaten division rivals on Thanksgiving. They can do it, but they just don’t when it counts.

There’s still some kind of inexplicable cloud hanging over the Lions that blocks them from seeing the light. Whether that’s Jim Schwartz, bonehead penalties that leave a bad taste, some issue with ownership or management, or a combination of everything, something needs to be done. If not, the Detroit Lions will have all the talent in the world and nothing to show for it. Some serious questions need to be asked to figure out what the real deal is, and hopefully it can actually be explained by people smarter than myself.

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