Kansas City Chiefs' Recent Streak Has Team Thinking Super Bowl

By Jonathan W. Crowell
Jamaal Charles, Donnie Avery
Cary Edmondson – USA TODAY Sports

NFL Week 16 is already upon us, and the 11-3 Kansas City Chiefs are sporting playoff prospects for the first time in three years. They went on the road against the Oakland Raiders and won their own game 56-31, not relying on another team’s loss to clinch their AFC Wild Card spot for the playoffs. In fact, after an encouraging 9-0 start to their season then losing three games consecutively, the Chiefs have responded with two sound victories over the Raiders and the Washington Redskins, beating both teams by a combined 60 points.

Granted, those two teams don’t have much to write home about this season, but the Chiefs are showing themselves to be a top notch machine even on the road.

There are still glitches to be sure like the Chiefs’ notorious pass rush visibly absent from the game against the Raiders (the defense didn’t so much as lay a finger on Oakland quarterbacks Matt McGloin and Terrelle Pryor), but one must consider Kansas City’s fast start to the game and stamina throughout.

They had arguably their fastest start of the entire season against Oakland. They took it right to the end zone after Chiefs safety Quintin Demps returned the ball to the 50-yard line, and before the game’s first minute had ticked off the clock the Chiefs were up by their first touchdown.

As for stamina, the Chiefs didn’t stop for anything once they got rolling and set a new scoring high for the season. Quarterback Alex Smith threw five touchdown passes, setting a new career-high for himself. Four of those were to running back Jamaal Charles, one of the league’s top runners. Chiefs tight end Sean McGrath got in a score late in the game, and rookie running back Knile Davis scored for the second straight week. At one point the Chiefs seemed to slack off and the Raiders got within four points, but the offense continued being unstoppable.

No one can help but be impressed again with the Chiefs’ comeback after three straight weeks of losses to division rivals the Denver Broncos and San Diego Chargers. Not only that, but the Chiefs are looking fierce and lean going into the playoffs.

Sunday will see the Chiefs take on the 9-5 Indianapolis Colts in Kansas City, and if they keep this momentum up they will carry on through the playoffs and even be Super Bowl worthy.

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