LeSean McCoy and Philadelphia Eagles Should Run Wild On Chicago Bears

By Ryan Wenzell
Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

LeSean McCoy is most definitely chomping at the bit for Sunday night to get here. He faces perhaps his most favorable match up of the season as he and the Philadelphia Eagles take on a porous Chicago Bears run defense.

The Bears simply cannot stop anyone on the ground. They are dead last in the NFL in rushing defense and allow running backs to rush for 100 yards plus seemingly at will. It is a weekly affair. You can book the opposing running back to get into triple digits.

McCoy is primed to explode in this one. Not only is he one of the league’s best backs, but he will have plenty of room to operate against this run defense. The stars are aligning for him perhaps have a career evening in prime time on Sunday Night Football.

Chip Kelly and the Eagles inexplicably got away from running the ball last week. McCoy only got eight carries as Kelly decided to attack through the air. There is no possible way McCoy doesn’t get at least 20 carries this week.

Kelly is great at identifying the opponent’s weakness and exploiting it. The Bears’ problems with the run are as plain as day to see, and Kelly won’t hesitate to take advantage of that. It won’t only be McCoy getting in on the fun. The Eagles feature impressive depth at the running back position. Look for Bryce Brown and Chris Polk to get in on the action as well.

I expect the Eagles to dominate on the ground on Sunday night. If they can do that and limit what the Bears can do offensively, the Eagles will walk away with a win on Sunday night.

Final prediction? 37-34 Eagles

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