Week 16 Matchup Marks Start of Changes for Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins

By Jeric Griffin
Tony Romo RGIII Cowboys Redskins
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Well, here we are again: The end of the season and the Dallas Cowboys are again on course to fail in a winner-take-all contest against an NFC East foe in the season finale while the Washington Redskins are wondering what the heck is going on with their quarterback and head coach situations. Well, as these two dysfunctional franchises prepare to lock horns in Week 16, the way they appear on the field may be one of the last (if not the last) time we see them in their current states.

Together, Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder have about as much football sense as Ryan Leaf. Neither of them have a clue what they’re doing as men trying to build winning franchises and it shows year in, and year out.

As another disappointing Cowboys season winds down, the team is again in need of a new coach with brains and a backbone while the former insult is also puzzling considering Jason Garrett has a Princeton education, although certainly doesn’t show it. At the same time, the common fan and media bases are ignorantly calling for a change of quarterback in Dallas, which wouldn’t fix anything. What else is new?

The Redskins are again wondering off what funny wagon Mike Shanahan fell as he’s again in a feud with his starting quarterback as his team flounders down the stretch. One thing is for certain: Shanahan and Robert Griffin III will not be in Washington next year together — one of them will be elsewhere. But which one? And what will that mean for Kirk Cousins?

Well, Cousins will likely put up a nice stat line against the Cowboys’ pathetic defense, which will only make things murkier in Washington while raising his trade value even more. He’ll be starting somewhere next year, although it likely won’t be for the Redskins.

Meanwhile, Romo will still be the Cowboys’ $100 million quarterback, but Garrett should be gone. Jones is extremely impatient with his coaches and Garrett has had more than enough chances to prove he’s completely incompetent of being a viable head coach in the NFL. However, Bill Callahan and Monte Kiffin should be given the boot as well because neither of them could call plays well enough to win at the Pop Warner level.

So here are some bold predictions that mean seem farfetched until you remember which two dysfunctional franchises we’re discussing:

1. Shanahan will be the head coach of the Cowboys next year. I know, it’s crazy and terrifying for fans of America’s Team, but that’s Dallas’ luck.

2. Cousins will be the starting quarterback for the Houston Texans in 2014 and they’ll make the playoffs while giving the Indianapolis Colts a run for their money in the AFC South title race.

3. The Cowboys will go 8-8 yet again in 2014 before the salary cap nightmare really sets in for the 2015 season. For Jerry, there will be no backloading his way out of that one.

So there you have it: The Cowboys and Redskins are destined for at least another year of mediocrity after Cousins dices Dallas’ secondary on Sunday to possibly eliminate the visiting team from playoff contention, depending on what happens in the primetime game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Chicago Bears.

In short, nothing has changed and nothing will change in the grand scheme of things anytime soon. Sorry, Cowboys fans.

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