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5 Players Who Mean the Most to a Denver Broncos Playoff Run

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5 Players Who Mean the Most to a Denver Broncos’ Playoff Run

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The Denver Broncos have clinched a 2013 NFL playoff spot by defeating the Kansas City Chiefs twice, and only losing three games so far this season. Denver is favored by many to not only win the AFC Championship game and go to the Super Bowl, but win the Super Bowl as well. Denver has looked one of the most dominant teams in the NFL by far this season.

However, Denver is not an infallible NFL team. At 11-3, the Broncos are favored by many to go to the Super Bowl, but those three losses exposed major flaws. In the losses to the Indianapolis Colts and San Diego Chargers, Denver relied too heavily on their passing game. In the loss to the New England Patriots, the Broncos relied too heavily on their running game.

The Broncos are the most all-around balanced offense in the NFL, but they have to play like a balanced offense instead of focusing on one aspect. Peyton Manning is arguably the greatest quarterback of all time, but if he isn’t able to successfully sell the play-action pass, then a huge facet of his touchdown potential is taken away. If Denver wants to go to the Super Bowl, they will have to rely on their team to make plays, not just Manning.

However, the major reason that Denver has had success so far this season is the plethora of top NFL talent on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. Here are the five players on the Broncos that mean the most to a deep 2013 NFL Playoff run and potential Super Bowl victory.

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No. 5 Wes Welker

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Welker has been out with a concussion lately, but he brings an aspect to this team that makes them extremely dangerous. Welker allows for Peyton Manning to not worry about minimal yardage when he has to dump the ball off down the middle.

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No. 4 Knowshon Moreno

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If opposing teams focus entirely on stopping the pass game, Moreno will have to come up big. Extended periods of play need to be run-focused to keep opposing defenses on their toes and give Peyton Manning the ability to make play-action passes.

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No. 3 Danny Trevathan

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The Broncos’ linebacker leads the team in tackles and interceptions. Stopping the run is key for Denver, because there aren’t many teams in the NFL that can hang with their offense if it turns into a passing competition. Trevathan is all over the field and must continue to have success for the Broncos' defense to work.

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No. 2 Eric Decker

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Eric Decker is more important to this team than Demaryius Thomas because he will likely be the player that is not double teamed. If Decker plays well, the pressure is lifted off the rest of the team. He must make big plays for the Broncos or opposing teams can focus on stopping Thomas and Welker, taking out a majority of Denver's offensive firepower.

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No. 1 Peyton Manning

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This pick was obvious. Peyton Manning transforms the Broncos from a playoff team to a Super Bowl favorite. The Broncos need him to play well, but don’t worry -- he will.