New York Jets: Santonio Holmes' Latest Comments Laughable

By Greg Sulik
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets traded for Santonio Holmes in 2010, and he has proven to be far more trouble than he’s worth. In four seasons with the Jets, Holmes has only appeared in 41 of 62 possible games, catching 141 passes for 2,067 yards and 16 touchdowns. That breaks down to 3.4 catches, 50.4 yards and 0.4 touchdowns per game, which is absolutely horrendous production from a so-called No. 1 receiver who makes over $7 million per season.

Making matters worse are Holmes’ issues in the locker room. He has feuded with coaches and quarterbacks throughout his time in New York, and he publicly criticized the offensive line and Mark Sanchez during the 2011 season. In the 2011 season finale Holmes nearly came to blows with offensive lineman Wayne Hunter in the huddle, and it was widely reported that Hunter was upset with Holmes for giving up on the game. Holmes made headlines last week when he criticized the Carolina Panthers’ secondary, and then he only managed 2 catches for 14 yards on 8 targets. Finally, although there is obviously no proof, Holmes is widely regarded as one of the biggest sources of the anonymous quotes criticizing coaches and teammates that have appeared in the New York media throughout the last few seasons.

All of this is in stark contrast to Holmes’ statement yesterday when asked if he would take a pay cut to remain with the Jets, when he answered “anything for the team”. Holmes is all but guaranteed to be released after the season, and he knows that there is zero chance he’ll get a free agent contract as big as the one he has with the Jets. Everything in his history suggests that Holmes is a selfish, lazy player and a locker room cancer, which is why the Pittsburgh Steelers traded him for next to nothing to begin with.

This statement from Holmes is laughable, and it will not keep him in New York. Holmes is quite possibly the least popular player on the team, and Jets’ fans are going to be thrilled to see him walk off the field for the last time in their uniform. The Jets are trying to rebuild their team around young, talented, high character players, and it is clear that Holmes doesn’t fit that bill. He will be gone after this season, and all the Jets will say is good riddance.

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