New York Jets: Santonio Holmes Wants to Enjoy a Nice Sunset With Rex Ryan

By Ryan Heckman
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

I just can’t help but feel bad for New York Jets fans.

In what would prove to be the most interesting news to come out of the Jets’ organization this week, players have spoken out regarding their head coach, Rex Ryan, and in short, they want him to stay. Here’s a few tidbits from rookie defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson:

“Rex is a keeper,” Richardson said. “The guys love him. No matter what people speculate about him — he might not be liked by other coaches in the league and other people — but if he’s on your side, you most definitely have a fighter.”

Mr. Richardson, the guys love him because he continuously puts up with their mediocrity.

“With him and Idzik, their relationship is top-notch,” Richardson also said. “They’re genuine. They’re honest with each other. John is around all the time, so he sees how the team draws to [Ryan] and how much we respect him. I don’t see [his firing] happening.”

An ignorant rookie is all I hear in this scenario.

Richardson’s comments weren’t the best, though. Wide receiver Santonio Holmes said that he wanted “to ride off into the NFL sunset” with his head coach.

What sunset is Holmes talking about — the one where he and Ryan leave the Jets for good? That’s a plausible situation I could foresee. A Super Bowl, on the other hand, would be the most ludicrous idea Holmes could ever have in reference to this Jets team.

Let’s look at the situation for a moment. Typically, what the players say doesn’t make a difference. If you’re Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, you may have some kind of pull when it came to these types of decisions. But, the Jets? I wouldn’t take anything said by any one of their players seriously in regards to Ryan.

The notorious ‘player’s coach’ is a goner. It’s just that simple. The fact that these guys want him to stick around makes me wish they’d get the boot with him — just pathetic, absolutely pathetic.

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