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5 Options for Aaron Hernandez’ 2014 New Year’s Resolution

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Aaron Hernandez’ 2014 New Year’s Resolution: 5 Options

Aaron Hernandez
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There is enough coverage on the events surrounding former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, and what transpired over the summer that landed him in prison. It’s like he has seen so much coverage off the field you would think he was O.J. Simpson. So, to briefly refresh your memory, let’s go to it.

On June 17, reports surface about a man who was murdered a mile away from Hernandez’ home. This man ends up being Odin Lloyd, an acquaintance of Hernandez. Sketchy circumstances happen that lead investigators to arrest Hernandez. Come September, Hernandez is indicted on first-degree murder charges for the death of Lloyd. Hernandez is currently in prison without bail.

That was fast, very simple, and hopefully painless.

Of course, like many high-profile cases, the accused is always innocent until proven guilty. So there is a chance Hernandez does get off clean and rejoin society as the guy who can murder your girlfriend’s sister’s boyfriend. At least you can sleep easy that this guy can be your neighborhood hit man.

No trial date has been set, so Hernandez is still hanging out in jail hoping he’ll get out and rejoin the NFL. The Patriots aren’t hiring for tax credits, so the chances are slim — like Tim Tebow chances — that he’ll play in the NFL again.

But onward to the future, resolutions are things you work on in the New Year. For Hernandez, 2014 will come and go in a Massachusetts prison uniform. He really has a lot thinking to do in 2014 and his five options for his New Year’s Resolution are not so different from the average person’s resolutions.

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Know When To Give Up

give up
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Hernandez got himself in one case, and a person of great interest in two more cases. Give up the NFL comeback dreams.

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Budget Better

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His $40 million contract terminated, and house seized by the court, makes not much to pass around. Dollar Store it is.

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Staying Out Of Trouble

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Did you hear about Hernandez trying to play matchmaker in the cells? C'MON MAN.

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Work Out

work out
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If he doesn't get off like O.J., then you gotta beat OJ at one thing.

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Finding Jesus

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe it's time to turn over a new leaf entirely -- by way of unemployed former Patriots and Gators player, Tim Tebow.