Detroit Lions Must Fire Head Coach Jim Schwartz

By Luis Vilanova
Jim Schwartz
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

With an ongoing organizational crisis ruling the Detroit Lions, Mr. William Clay Ford ought to fire Jim Schwartz and finish the season with an interim coach. A new coach at this time of the year will probably produce the same results and it also sends a crystal clear message to management, players and the new coaching candidates alike.

The Lions have always been too soft when it comes to managing under-performers; who can forget Matt Millen´s seven-year dry spell compiling a 31-81 record? Perhaps what the organization needs are drastic measures at the coaching level. It appears as if management is drafting the right players, signing the right free agents, but Schwartz is getting it all wrong. In my opinion, if Schwartz were to be an average employee at any other company, he would´ve been managed out a long time ago after showing his inability to perform.

It´s a good time of the year to evaluate the team from every possible angle and start raising the excellence bar for Detroit fans; it´s the very least the organization can do for a loyal fan base that has been waiting for a division title for nearly 20 years. I think the first right action to take is to part ways with Coach Schwartz. It´s been a terrible career with a 29-48 record to prove it. Martin Mayhew and Tom Lewand are next in line; while they have done a solid job in drafting and dealing key players, the equation doesn´t work.

In my opinion, there´s no time to waste in trying to develop another young coach. Lewand and Mayhew need to go after a proven head coach who has won it all in the NFL.

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