Photo of Dallas Cowboys Fan Losing Bet Over the Green Bay Packers is Hilarious

By Dan Parzych

Last weekend, the Green Bay Packers pulled off one of the most epic comebacks of the 2013 season as they overcame a 26-3 deficit against the Dallas Cowboys to keep their playoff hopes alive with a 37-36 win. While Cowboys fans across the nation have every reason in the world to be frustrated over their beloved team losing, it’s safe to say no fan suffered more than the one shown in the photo above–mainly because of a bet he made with his friend.

As you can see in the photo above, the Cowboys fan was forced to wear some embarrassing attire while holding a sign in public that reads Don’t Bet On The Cowboys.” Obviously, this photo is nothing short of hilarious, but the funniest part of this bet has to be the Packers fan who is enjoying a nice cigar as he wears an Aaron Rodgers jersey while standing next to his friend.

If last Sunday was any indication of what to expect over the final two weeks of the NFL regular season, it’s certainly going to be an exciting finish before the playoffs get underway in January. For Green Bay to pull off a win against Dallas on the road was huge as far as the NFC North and NFC East standings are concerned and it will certainly be interesting to see if either of these two teams will be playing in January.

And as for the rest of you NFL fans hoping to see your favorite team in the playoffs this year–be careful when it comes to making bets with your friends as the Cowboys fan above had to learn the hard way.

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