Washington Redskins Turn to London Fletcher's Retirement for Motivation

By Brian Skinnell
London Fletcher
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Well, why not? At this point, the Washington Redskins should use anything they can find as motivation. All season long, this team has looked downright sloppy and desperately need a win. Using London Fletcher’s retirement as a motivational tool is a great idea.

Just three weeks ago, the Redskins hit rock bottom. They got blown out at home in the snow against the Kansas City Chiefs, 45-10. By the start of the third quarter, the stadium didn’t even have enough people left to fill up the 100-level. It was an embarrassment to the organization and it’s fans base.

Last week, Washington came close when they lost to the Atlanta Falcons after not converting on a two-point attempt with under a minute left to take the lead. While it showed some spark in that game, it ultimately came up short. This team just needs a little bit more something to get over the hump.

So, using Fletcher’s retirement as a motivational and marketing tool is a genius idea. Take the tweet below and the picture that comes with it. The organization is trying to get the fan base fired up to come out and support the team; they want to fill seats. Inside the locker room, it’s an effort to fire up the team. It’s London Fletcher’s final home game and the timing of it is perfect since it’s against the Dallas Cowboys.

While it’s great that everyone is starting to rally around Fletcher to send him out on a high note, I’m starting to wonder if his announcement was a motivational tool all along. I certainly don’t think he’s lying, he’s had one heck of a run, but the timing of it seems all too perfect.

As a fan and supporter of the Redskins, I’m all for using Fletcher to motivate the team and fans. Washington has seen some uninspired play from it’s beloved franchise all season long and it’s got to end somehow. Why not pack FedEx Field and send London Fletcher off right? He is certainly a player worthy of a send off like that.

Hopefully, this battle cry will inspire Washington to play it’s best football of the season. It’s London Fletcher’s final home game of his career and it comes against the hated Dallas Cowboys. What more motivation do they need?

Brian Skinnell is a freelance sports writer for RantSports.com and contributor at Yahoo Sports. Follow him on Twitter and add him to your network on Google.

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