New York Giants' Quarterback Situation "Confusing" To Say The Least

By Christian Nelson
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In 2013, the New York Giants‘ season has been a complete failure from top to bottom. The team is 5-9 after an embarrassing 0-6 start, and no one has clicked in any facet of the game all season. Questions arise if coach Tom Coughlin and Co. should be shown the front door because of this atrocity of a season.

While 2013 has certainly been a year to forget for Giants fans, another question has been on the minds each Big Blue faithful since the beginning: Why is Curtis Painter on this roster? Fans, no one knows. For whatever reason, ownership decided to trade up to take Syracuse quarterback Ryan Nassib in the fourth round, and that in and of itself is very confusing. However, if you are going to invest so much into a young prospect then why is he not suiting up on Sundays?

Now it is understandable that he shouldn’t start in front of proven quarterback Eli Manning, regardless of his underachieving year. However, not only is he not backing up Manning, but the Giants signed Curtis Painter, a proven failure in the NFL, to back up the two-time Super Bowl MVP. Why?

Jerry Reese hasn’t said anything on this matter, and neither has Coughlin which leaves fans wondering what’s going on. Why was Nassib taken in the 2013 NFL Draft? That’s another question for the Giants.

As Nassib will be turning 24 in the offseason, the quarterback is certainly starting to enter the prime of his career in the coming years. So it makes sense for the Giants to take their quarterback they believe will take the reigns of the Giants in a couple years as Manning’s contract is up 2015. Well, here is where things throw everyone off.

Manning is due to sign a contract extension after this season to keep him in New York until his late 30s (he is currently 32 years old). Now assuming Manning doesn’t step down from the starting position until he’s at least 36, that would make Nassib approximately 30 years old when his number is called to start. To put that in perspective, Manning was 23 in when he became the starting quarterback of the Giants. It is crucial for a quarterback to get reps and starting time in his younger years to develop into a quality starting quarterback in the NFL.

Clearly Giants ownership has no idea what is going on with the QB position, and it’s leaving fans guessing. Who is the future: Manning or Nassib? If Manning, why was Nassib taken in the 2013 NFL Draft? If Nassib, why is he not dressing on Sunday’s in place of Curtis Painter?

The 2013 season has been a failure, and there may even be more questions than answers left for Giants ownership after Week 17.

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