5 New York Giants Injuries That Haven’t Hurt As Much As You Thought

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5 Injuries That Haven't Hurt As Much As You Thought

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This is tough. Obviously, it’s never good to have injuries and see guys get hurt. However, in some cases, injuries can end up having a positive effect on a football team. The New York Giants would have been better if certain players had stayed healthy, but would they have been a legitimate contender? No. The fact is that injuries allowed New York to hold a season of auditions for certain players.

It’s hard to gauge exactly where the Giants stand as a football team. It’s difficult to place them in the rebuilding category with the amount of talent they have on either side of the football. On the flip side, however, it’s also pretty hard not to put them in the same category considering how awful they have been and how much help they are going to need.

On offense, the Giants have some nice pieces. Obviously, Eli Manning has not performed up to his ability this season, but he is a proven winner and he’s not going anywhere. Manning has a few weapons on the outside in a bona fide No. 1 receiver (albeit a slot receiver) in Victor Cruz and a potential star in Reuben Randle. If the Giants go out and get another solid receiver and bring back Andre Brown, the team will be squared away at most of the skilled positions on offense. That just leaves the offensive line, which needs a serious facelift.

On the defensive side, the Giants will have some real tough decisions to make. Justin Tuck is having a very nice finish to the season and Antrel Rolle may be headed to Hawaii for the Pro Bowl. New York will need to decide whether or not they can afford to bring some these guys back with all the work that needs to be done.

Here are five injuries that may have hurt the New York Giants this season, but will end up proving useful in the long scheme of things.

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5. Aaron Ross

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The Giants brought Aaron Ross back this season to add depth to their secondary. When Corey Webster got hurt, Ross was supposed to take his place but ended up hurting his back against the Chiefs. Ross was placed on the Injured Reserve and the Giants used Trumaine McBride to replace him. McBride has had his share of ups and downs, but overall he has played better than a healthy Ross. The Giants may look to bring in a better cornerback in the offseason but they wouldn’t be in terrible shape if they don’t.

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4. David Wilson

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Running back David Wilson had a tumultuous season and he only played in five games. Wilson hurt his neck against the Eagles in Week 5, an injury which turned out to be much more serious than initially anticipated. The Giants went hunting for running backs in the following weeks until Andre Brown made his season debut in Week 10. Since returning, Brown has proven that he should have been the starter if he and Wilson had been healthy together, instead of the other way around. With a better look at what Brown is capable of, the Giants can move Wilson back to special teams and let him assume a backup role in the backfield next year.

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3. Corey Webster

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The 2013 season was supposed to be a bounce back year for Corey Webster who suffered through the worst year of his career in 2012. It wasn’t. Webster played in just two games before injuring his groin and was not able to return fully healthy. The Giants finally placed Webster on the Injured Reserve this past week. Webster’s absence has allowed Prince Amukamara to develop at a faster rate. Amukamara has had a very solid season and is now borderline No. 1 cornerback. New York will likely need to add a cornerback in the offseason, but Amukamara’s progress has lifted the secondary tremendously.

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2. Stevie Brown

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This is not a slight at Stevie Brown. There is no question that Brown would have made the Giants a better, more aggressive defense. However, his absence (due to an ACL tear in the preseason) allowed New York to witness the coming out party of Will Hill. Hill, who is only a sophomore, has been wonderful in Brown’s place, showing that he can be a disruptive force on defense, making plays against both the run and the pass. The Giants like to play with three safeties when they’re healthy enough to do it and a unit of Antrel Rolle, Brown and Hill has the potential to be one of the league’s best.

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1. Dan Connor

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Even when the Giants’ linebacking corps was healthy, it wasn’t pretty. Dan Connor was supposed to replace fan favorite Chase Blackburn, but ended up getting hurt in the season opener against the Cowboys. Soon after, New York placed Connor on the season-ending Injured Reserve and the team was left with a gaping hole in the linebacker unit. Enter Jon Beason. The Giants acquired Beason from the Panthers for just a seventh-round draft pick. Since joining New York, Beason has been an unbelievable upgrade. Teammates have raved about his leadership and Beason backs it up on the field. Hopefully for the Giants, the front office is smart enough to bring him back at the end of the season.

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