Christmas Comes Early For Indianapolis Colts Thanks To Owner Jim Irsay

By Nik Cline
Jim Irsay
Brian Spurlock- USA Today Sports

It must be great to be a player for the Indianapolis Colts right now. Owner Jim Irsay had a little present for all of his players on Friday when they arrived at the team’s facilities. Each player on the roster received an Xbox One, according to the Indianapolis Star.

While many stores are selling out of the Xbox Ones faster than tickets to Garth Brooks’ reunion tour, Irsay was able to get a hold of one for each of his players. I am sure there are some parents out there who are not to happy about that. The Xbox One has been one of the most difficult-to-find Christmas items, and is retailing at $499. Before tax, that is $26,447, though I guess that is pocket change when you own an NFL team.

Many players immediately put pictures up about how stoked they were to receive the gift from their owner. I can imagine it was like a bunch of little boys jumping up and down in the locker room, only these boys are full-grown men. They only thing that was missing out of this story would be for Irsay to sound off on Twitter with some nonsense mumbling that he is known for. I would imagine it would have went something like, “Time to feed our monsters today!”.

The players will not have much time to try out the new system as they are fast approaching the playoffs and a pivotal match against the Kansas City Chiefs. So here is to hoping the Colts will be more focused on the game than on who beat the first mission on Grand Theft Auto 5.

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