Miami Dolphins Must Win Themselves Out Of Mediocrity

By Danny Williams
Brad Barr-USA Today Sports

Chris Berman of ESPN has the Miami Dolphins losing to the Buffalo Bills on Sunday coming off of their biggest win in years against the New England Patriots. That shows where the Dolphins still stand nationally, even coming off that impressive win. While a good amount of fans on Twitter are fuming about the pick, you can’t really blame him as it would be extremely Dolphins-like to lose this game.

The Dolphins have dug themselves into a hole of mediocrity by consistently losing December games like last week’s and this week’s. The last two times the Dolphins were in the position they are in now (2009 and 2010), they lost three straight games to end the season and miss the playoffs. These are the performances that the nation and the Swami of ESPN have come to expect.

The 2013 squad is in prime position to unseat the throne of mediocrity that has ruled of Dolphins-land for so long. This team, led by a savvy, young Ryan Tannehill, needs to prove the naysayers wrong by taking care of business in Buffalo. Secure a commanding win, and it is safe to say the Dolphins are in the playoffs. If the Dolphins lose, then those playoffs dreams will be squashed, as they would need a lot of help to get in.

Lose and that crown of mediocrity is softly placed back upon the Dolphins’ head, where it would stay until the they find a way to make the playoffs.

These Dolphins are in “win and you’re in” territory right now, and they must take advantage. Good teams win these games, and good teams get Chris Berman’s vote of confidence. It’s up to the Dolphins to prove to the world they are worthy of the nation’s respect, and they are in prime position to do it. They just need to surprise us by not bringing a classic Dolphins-like mediocre performance to Buffalo.

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