Cleveland Browns' Struggles Continue Against the New York Jets

By Jamyson Frierson
New York Jets
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In a season that had a bit of promise to it with a new regime, the Cleveland Browns have continued to disappoint. After being up 10-0 midway through the first quarter, the Browns fell to the New York Jets, 24-13. They were up, but in usual Browns fashion they ended up blowing the lead and not capitalizing on opportunities in the red zone. This is how it’s been for them for most of the season.

At this point, fans just want to see some kind of effort and heart put into a game. However, it just isn’t there. This became more painstakingly obvious with Josh Gordon. Gordon has been the best receiver in the league this year, and he catches anything thrown his way. During the week’s game he looked below average at best. Jason Campbell did not have his best game, but some of the throws to Gordon were right on target and he dropped them.

There were a number of missed tackles and just lapses of easy fundamentals within the game of football. It was unwatchable for both Browns and Jets fans. The game was being handed back and forth on a silver platter by both teams. However, at the end of the day, the Jets craved the hors d’ oeuvre more.  The only player for the Browns who showed any kind of fire was Edwin Baker.

A player that was signed off of  the San Diego Chargers‘ practice squad that has only been with the team a week has more heart than anybody else on the roster. It is understandable that the losing culture within the organization does get old and would break even the strongest man down. However, they are getting paid millions of dollars to play a sport that most can only dream about and should give their all regardless. Rob Chudzinski isn’t a scapegoat in all of this, but there is only so much he can do.

What was even more painful was Campbell admitting how the offense was “unraveled” and “pressing” as the game went on. He also mentioned how the team is still “drained” from the New England Patriots loss three weeks ago. That is not the physical mindset or formula to a winning program. A team in turmoil as the Jets are with Rex Ryan and numerous injuries must be a game this squad can win. The Browns’ defense did not get any pressures or sacks on Geno Smith all game and could not stop the combination of Chris Ivory and Bilal Powell at all.

Even worse was that former Browns players Kellen Winslow Jr. and David Nelson, who got cut during the preseason, now have closure in getting back at the Browns organization. Winslow had five receptions, which was his most all season against any team. Nelson also had five receptions and two touchdowns to go along with it. It was an all around horrible day for the Browns and fans.

They have one more game next week against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Most analysts and writers around the country do not give the Browns a shot to win the game, especially with Pittsburgh still having a chance at the postseason.  If they want to at least give the fans and the city of Cleveland something to look forward to next year then they will play their hearts out against the hated Steelers. It is a meaningless game for the Browns, but it will show an extremely loyal fan base that the players understand what this team means to the whole city and would be a great Christmas present for everybody.

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