Dallas Cowboys Hopeless Minus Tony Romo

By Ryan Wenzell
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

News just broke that Tony Romo will be out for the remainder of the season with a herniated disk in his back that will require surgery. While Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett wants to play coy and say they are still “evaluating” the injury it is clear what he is trying to do.

Garrett does not want to play his hand to the Philadelphia Eagles in a do or die game. He wants to keep them guessing so the Eagles have less time to prepare for backup quarterback Kyle Orton. Good luck with all that.

The fact is despite all the criticism and flak Romo takes he is the Cowboys. He literally put the Cowboys on his back and rallied the troops in a come from behind victory in the final minute to save their season.

Romo’s 11 fourth quarter comebacks are the most in the league since 2011. So for all the hoopla about him being a choke artist, for the most part he has actually been incredibly clutch. This Cowboys team is in real, real trouble.

The defense isn’t capable of winning a game on its own and is quite frankly a complete sieve. Monte Kiffin has failed miserably in his first season as defensive coordinator as the personnel are struggling to adjust to his cover-two scheme.

Going in this had shootout written all over it. Can a guy who couldn’t even beat out Tim Tebow as the starting quarterback with the Denver Broncos get the job done in a high scoring affair? My money is on no.

This injury essentially ends Romo and the Cowboys’ seasons, breaking their spirit in the process a week before a do or die game for the Boys. Merry Christmas, Cowboys fans.

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