John Harbaugh Makes Strange Decision In 4th Quarter of Baltimore Ravens' Week 16 Loss

By Dan Abeshouse
John Harbaugh
Charles LeClaire-USA Today Sports

The Baltimore Ravens suffered an embarrassing home 41-7 loss at home to the New England Patriots in Week 16. The Ravens were outcoached, outplayed, and outdone in just about every facet of this game. One thing that’s getting lost under the giant pile of doo-doo the Ravens laid down yesterday is the fourth quarter field goal attempt.

Early on in the fourth quarter facing a fourth-and-five at the Patriots 20-yard line, coach John Harbaugh elected to go for a field goal instead of going for it. The problem with that was the Ravens were down 20-0 at the time. What the heck was Harbaugh trying to accomplish there? The Ravens are still down three scores regardless. When asked about it earlier today Harbaugh admitted that he made the wrong decision in that situation. Personally I think at the time he knew the Ravens were going to lose and just wanted to avoid a shutout. Perhaps he was a little gun shy from the Ravens failing to convert a fourth-and-one on the previous drive. Let’s not even get started on that and why they have an empty back set on the third down before that play. It seems as if every bad Ravens game needs a few puzzling play calls and coaches decisions. By the way Justin Tucker missed the unnecessary field goal so you can kiss that 33 consecutive field goals mark goodbye now.

It kind of goes to show what kind of day it was for the Ravens. Tucker was due to miss an easy one to end the streak. Either way it probably wouldn’t have mattered; the Ravens were doomed in this game pretty much from the start.

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