Kyle Orton Still Gives Dallas Cowboys Solid Chance to Win NFC East Title

By Andrew Fisher
Kyle Orton
USA Today Sports

Sometimes life throws you a curveball. That’s exactly what’s happened to the Dallas Cowboys as they’re getting set to take on the Philadelphia Eagles in week 17. Tony Romo is now shockingly out for the season with back troubles and the Cowboys will be without their much-scrutinized signal caller as they try to win the NFC East and head to the playoffs.

With Romo on the shelf, Dallas will now turn to Kyle Orton at QB. You remember Orton. He was the guy who used to play in Chicago, Denver and Kansas City before landing a cushy backup job in Dallas a couple years ago. Until now, he hasn’t been called upon to do anything. During his two seasons in Dallas, Orton hasn’t started a game and he’s only attempted 15 passes. So given his rustiness and 35-34 career record, do the Cowboys have a chance of knocking off the Eagles this Sunday?

I think they have a solid chance of beating Philly and winning the division. The biggest thing in Orton’s favor is that he’ll be playing at home in a controlled climate environment. He’s going to get nearly a full week to prepare with the first team and there’s plenty of time to game plan between Monday and Sunday. On top of that, anyone can throw to Dez Bryant and Jason Witten, while handing it off to the hot as of late DeMarco Murray.

Orton is no Romo. His ceiling is not near as high and he’s simply not as talented. But if he can play smart football without turning it over, the Cowboys have a chance in this game. The Eagles will be rightly favored, but don’t write off the Cowboys because Romo won’t be won’t be playing. Kyle Orton is good enough to get the job done in week 17. Is he good enough to lead this Dallas team deep into the playoffs? Probably not.

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