Nick Foles' Historic Season Continues In Philadelphia Eagles' Convincing Victory

By Ryan Wenzell
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Foles has been masterful in his second season in the league. He did nothing to dispel that notion on Sunday Night. Foles simply did his job. He made the throws he needed to. He shattered a Philadelphia Eagles record with an 84 percent completion rate.

He threw four incompletions all game long. It’s miraculous stuff. Truthfully, all four of his incompletions were intentional throwaways. He was simply pinpoint accurate in meticulously shredding the Chicago Bears‘ defense.

It also doesn’t hurt to have the best running back in football in the backfield. Foles’ emergence in his second season has been the story of the season. He has been phenomenal. His 118.8 quarterback rating is the best in the league by a fairly wide margin and if the season ended today, it would be the third-best of all time in a single season.

This is not some flash in the pan. Foles has been dominating ever since he took over for Michael Vick. Right now, no team in the NFC wants a part of this team. Foles is the hottest quarterback in football. They have the best rushing attack in football, and it’s not close. Their defense is also a highly improved unit that doesn’t get its due. Right now, dare I say this is the best offense in football?

Most people will point to the Denver Broncos. The difference is that you can make the Broncos one-dimensional. You can force them to throw the football as their running attack is not top-notch. You do that against this dominant running game, and it will be a long day. The Eagles may be the team to beat in the NFC right now.

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