Washington Redskins Should Wait On Trading Kirk Cousins

By Brian Skinnell
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Redskins are in a pretty interesting position. They have a starting quarterback who has been declared the franchise quarterback. At the same time, they also have a backup quarterback that is worth a second- or third-round draft pick, something they need. What should they do?

If the Redskins are smart, they will hold off on trading Kirk Cousins. He is quite the asset to the franchise and is worth a lot to them on different fronts. I’ve already mentioned his trade value, but he also could be worth a lot to them in the future as a member of the team.

For the first time in his young career, Robert Griffin III will be entering an offseason where he won’t have to worry about rehabbing an injured limb. Instead of spending time on the operating table and in the trainer room, he’ll be able to work with the coaches and receivers to better himself as a quarterback. He got virtually no preparation time prior to this season and it showed.

In 2014, after Griffin gets a full offseason to improve, Washington will have a chance to analyze their situation at quarterback. If he comes back next season and is a flop that has shown no improvement, then it may be time to seriously consider a change at quarterback. Since they wouldn’t have traded Cousins, they’ll have a very viable option to replace Griffin already on the team.

If RG3 does return in 2014 and shows tremendous improvement, then it’s time to shop Cousins. He becomes an expendable piece of the puzzle that could bring Washington a much-needed draft pick or two.

The only risk that Washington runs in carrying out this plan is that Cousins’ value could decrease if they wait. Instead of being able to get a second- or third-round pick, he may only be able to bring in a fifth- or sixth-round pick. Even if that’s the case, draft picks are something Washington needs and they should take as many as they can get.

While Washington is in a good position with two quarterbacks that are capable of starting, it also brings many tough decisions. Deciding on if or when to trade Cousins is one of those tough decisions. Waiting to trade him is likely be their best option. They’ll get to see if Griffin is capable of improving while still having their security blanket.

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