Are The Baltimore Ravens Better Off Missing The Playoffs In 2013?

By Dan Abeshouse
Baltimore Ravens
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I know, I know, I’m nuts for even posing this question, but is it something to think about? It will be if the Baltimore Ravens don’t take care of business next week and don’t get a little help. The situation, as it stands now, is that the Ravens must beat the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium — they haven’t lost a game there all season — and they would need either the Miami Dolphins or San Diego Chargers to lose. They could also get in with a loss, as well as losses by the Dolphins, Chargers and Pittsburgh Steelers. Do the Ravens have another run in them if they sneak into the playoffs?

I would have said yes before a 41-7 smack down at home, courtesy of the New England Patriots. During the Ravens’ four-game win streak, they were doing just enough to get by, but never looked impressive by any means. I would love for the Ravens to get back to the playoffs for a sixth straight year. I always say that if you get in the dance, you have a chance, just look at last year. The sad reality, however, is that the Ravens’ season might have ended when DeAndre Levy‘s helmet collided with Joe Flacco‘s knee. Flacco and John Harbaugh can say whatever they want, but the injury was definitely a factor in the loss to the Patriots. What can you really expect out of Flacco against the Bengals, or any of the other AFC playoff teams, if they get there? Ray Rice has been hampered by a hip injury all season and hasn’t been the same. On top of all that, add playing behind an offensive line that is mediocre at best.

If the Ravens miss the playoffs this season, they would likely draft in the upper teens and could add some new pieces to the offensive line, in addition to some desperately needed weapons for the offense. With all that being said, I’ll still be rooting for the Ravens to make it in this year, but I wouldn’t be crushed if they didn’t.

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