Dallas Cowboys: The Only Person Who Can Stop Dez Bryant on Sunday is Dez Bryant

By rodneygray
Geoff Burke USA Today Sports

Dez Bryant is easily in the conversation of best receiver in the NFL. You can put Bryant’s name up against any of the other top guns such as Atlanta FalconsJulio Jones or Detroit LionsCalvin Johnson. Anytime a team has a receiver that completely outclasses their opponents’ defenders, it changes a defensive coordinator’s game plan. They become enemy No. 1 for the opposing defense.

There’s nobody in the league that can completely shut down Dez Bryant other than Dez Bryant himself.

Usually it becomes a matter of slowing him down rather than stopping him completely.

The Philadelphia Eagles do not have that one shutdown corner to throw at Bryant. There’s no Richard Sherman or Aquib Talib walking out of their locker room. It is going to take a collective effort to shut down the former Oklahoma State CowboyBryant has had his fair share of emotional outbursts this year. From yelling at teammates on the sidelines to leaving the field early in frustration, Bryant wears his emotions on his sleeve which most of the time leads him to being unstoppable.

The Cowboys’ have had their fair share of diva receivers and Bryant is just another in a long line of eccentric Cowboy receivers. The only problem is that, at times, some of these receivers have become a distraction to the team.

While Bryant hasn’t quite boiled over to becoming a distraction, a disappointing showing at home with the division on the line will bring an offseason of questions like, “Is he worth the trouble” or “Has Bryant worn out his welcome” being plastered all over the internet. The point is that people tend to care less when you are winning.

Bryant will always be an emotional player. That passion is what drove him to thrive in college as well as the NFL. As the San Antonio Spurs‘ Head Coach Greg Popovich once said, ” I need a little more nasty”, Bryant isn’t anybody’s friend when he’s on the field. The Cowboys’ and Bryant need to bring the nasty each and every game, and on this Cowboys team he is the nasty.

For the Cowboys to win Sunday and go forward, Dez must not only be good; he has to be dominant. He has to draw some defenders away from the box so DeMarco Murray can have some open running lanes. Bryant has to be that go-to receiver, the guy that backup Kyle Orton can go to when things start to break down in the pocket. For the Cowboys to finally break out of mediocrity, it’s going to take a whole lot of, “nasty” for them to do it.

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