Philadelphia Eagles Will Be Laughing Stock of NFL if They Lose in Week 17

By Ryan Heckman
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Things just got real interesting for the Philadelphia Eagles. With Tony Romo now out for the season, the Dallas Cowboys stand little to no chance against the Eagles in week 17 — a battle not just for the division title, but a playoff berth.

The Eagles are coming off of an absolute romp of the Chicago Bears, where they won by a resounding score of 54-11. The Eagles got into the end zone literally at will all night long, and the offense looked as good as it has all season — again, against the defense of the Bears which isn’t saying much.

In week 17, the Eagles have the opportunity to take home the division and launch themselves into the playoffs. It should be a piece of cake against a Kyle Orton-led offense of the Cowboys and a defense that has consistently ranked toward the bottom of the league all year long.

It should be.

If the Eagles were to lose, they not only would miss the playoffs but they would be doing it in such a fashion that fans should be absolutely ashamed of. I’m not saying it’s going to happen, but by playing a little devil’s advocate here, I can only imagine the uproar in Philly if such an absurd phenomenon were to occur.

For the Cowboys to win, they would have to, first of all, score points under Orton. Secondly, they would have to slow down one of the hottest offenses in the league led by one of the hottest quarterbacks, Nick Foles. Oh, and there’s this LeSean McCoy guy as well. The offense has been rolling lately in Philadelphia, and Dallas’ defense is built just like the Bears at this point — to give up lots and lots of yardage.

In all honesty, God forbid the Eagles lose this game. There is no way on God’s green earth that they give this one up. There’s simply no chance. But, if they do, I don’t want to know what happens on that day in the city of Philadelphia.

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