Oakland Raiders: Tension With Terrelle Pryor Will Cost Dennis Allen His Job

By Devin O'Barr
Dennis Allen
Kelley L. Cox – USA TODAY Sports

The Oakland Raiders have been rather dramatic when it comes to the head coaches they have employed over the years. From guys such as Tom Cable punching his own assistants in the face, to other meat-headed coaches who just didn’t have a clue what they were doing; the level of drama has always been high. in Oakland Thankfully, the Raiders have looked better on the field in 2013, but second-year skipper Dennis Allen still possess a flare for the dramatic that just seems to be a prerequisite for the Raiders’ head coaching job.

Other than the Dallas Cowboys and maybe the Washington Redskins, no one franchise in the NFL knows drama better than the Raiders. And earlier in this week Terrelle Pryor‘s agent Jerome Stanley figured he would stir the pot a little bit by saying this about Allen’s decision to start Pryor in Week 17:

“He is putting [Pryor] in, hoping that he has a bad game, so [Allen] can then justify the Matt McGloin situation.”

So there you have it, folks. A conspiracy theory from the starting quarterback’s agent. If that doesn’t spell dysfunction then I don’t know what does. And this little spat between Pryor, Stanely and Allen is likely to cost the Raiders’ coach his job. Besides, if general manager Reggie McKenzie is serious about cleaning up the perception around Oakland, then he would be wise to act swiftly in a situation like this.

While I’m not saying Allen deserves to be fired, but anytime a head coach is being publicly questioned by a key player’s agent then you know that something just isn’t right. Hopefully for Allen’s sake, McKenzie doesn’t rule with a hard fist, but I’d be surprised if this Pryor-Allen debacle gets settled overnight.

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