San Diego Chargers' Slim Playoff Outlook

By Erwin Mendoza
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

It’s just about time for the NFL Playoffs. For the San Diego Chargers, pray for the right losses, win and they’re in. Every day closer to the last game of the season feels like a pressure cooker for the teams involved, especially with the media outlets setting their picks for Week 17. Right now, there are motions around the league that slightly favor the Chargers.

First of all, the Baltimore Ravens are the only playoff-hopeful playing on the road at the Cincinnati Bengals and division games are tough and ugly. Remember the Hail Mary debacle at the end of their first meeting? After a beating by the New England Patriots last week, team character comes into question. The Ravens game swings heavily in the Bengals’ corner.

When it comes to the New York Jets playing the Miami Dolphins, that’s the true wildcard. The Jets lost their first meeting 23-3, and Geno Smith’s poor performance landed him on the bench. However, the Jets are playing theoretically for Rex Ryan’s job. The strategy worked for the Chargers in 2011. Though the Jets are horrid away from MetLife, 1-7 record, their best cornerback, Antonio Cromartie, wants to play spoiler too. Cromartie might’ve won back some fans in San Diego with that sentiment.

The chances are very slim that the Chargers get in. At least they’re not the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers at 7-8 must hope for a horde of teams to lose. That’s the Ravens, Dolphins and Chargers. If their Chargers have a heartbeat, the Steelers are in a coma.

If the Chargers are in, I’ll gladly eat crow.

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