Second Speeding Ticket Proves Jadeveon Clowney is a Moron

By Gil Alcaraz IV
Jadeveon Clowney
Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

If Jadeveon Clowney enjoys the privilege of driving, he sure isn’t good at showing it.

On Thursday morning, Clowney, one of the top prospects of the 2014 NFL Draft, was cited for driving 84 mph in a 55-mph zone. This is his second citation for speeding in the last month – he earned himself a ticket on December 7 for driving 110 mph in a 70-mph zone.

Arguably the most naturally talented player in the 2014 crop, Clowney has been trying really hard since August to dissuade NFL teams from investing in his future.

It all started in September on the field, where he played lazy. After suffering a couple minor, early-season injuries, Clowney tapped himself out and watched from the sidelines as his South Carolina teammates struggled. Despite overwhelming support from coaches and fellow Gamecocks, it was clear that Clowney only had his best interests in mind.

Then, with the season all but over, Clowney began raising question marks off the field. His two speeding tickets have flown some red flags and given talent evaluators reason to worry about the defensive end’s maturity and recklessness.

While it certainly isn’t as bad as someone who gets arrested for DUI or drugs, the fact that he continues to make mistakes just proves how immature he is as the draft looms just around the corner. One speeding ticket is a young adult being a young adult; two is proving that Clowney doesn’t learn from his mistakes.

Put simply, Clowney is a moron. He’s not even in the NFL yet – and technically hasn’t officially declared for the draft – but thinks that he’s above the law. Unfortunately, speeding tickets and immaturity will only matter so much to NFL teams. They’re still too busy drooling over his elite physical abilities.

No matter how many speeding tickets Clowney gets between now and May, he’ll still go in the Top 5 during the 2014 NFL Draft. Don’t be surprised, though, if he struggles early on while wrestling with the mental aspects of the NFL.

A big performance during the Gamecocks’ January 1 bowl game against Wisconsin will help rehab his seemingly-invincible stock, but Clowney has a lot of questions to answer before the draft. Learning how to follow the rules of the road would definitely help.

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