Tampa Bay Buccaneers Rumors: Greg Schiano's Interest in Penn State, Foreboding

By keithanderson

With only one regular season game left, Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans can finally start to  breathe a sigh of relief.

After a disappointing and chaotic season, it’s time to finally start thinking about who the new head coach is going to be.

Greg Schiano should and hopefully will be fired after Week 17’s match-up with the New Orleans Saints. Anyone who believes otherwise, has probably not watched many Buccaneers games this season. They also do not understand how much talent Schiano has had at his disposal. The best the Bucs can finish this season (assuming they have a chance against a determined Saints team) is 5-11, two wins worse than last year where he had less talent (particularly in the secondary).

Not surprising are the reports that Schiano’s camp has expressed interest in the potential Penn State head coaching position. Despite his denial of the reports, there’s no question that Schiano is planning for his future after this season, whether it be in the college or pro ranks. In the same report, Penn State is said to have little interest in having Schiano dictate — I mean, run — their program. What a shocker.

These reports could very well be complete bogus, but I have a hard time believing that Schiano’s people are staying put while his current job is in jeopardy. They know that the sooner they inquire, the more time and options they will have once he gets let go. I strongly believe that he will end up back in the NCAA, whether it be as a defensive coordinator or a head coach. The fact that he turned around a Rutgers program that was known as a laughingstock will still carry a lot of weight among college football employers.

The fact that he has turned the Buccaneers into a laughingstock, however, won’t exactly help his cause when it comes to his future in the NFL.


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