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5 Reasons Aaron Rodgers’ Return Means Green Bay Packers Will Win Super Bowl XLVIII

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5 Reasons Aaron Rodgers’ Return Means Green Bay Packers Will Win Super Bowl XLVIII

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The Green Bay Packers were not going to allow quarterback Aaron Rodgers to sit for an eighth consecutive week, not with the NFC North division on the line. Green Bay understands what’s at stake, which is why they will take the gamble of letting Rodgers start against the Chicago Bears in a winner takes all contest in the season finale of the 2013 regular season.

Many people wanted to believe that putting Rodgers on season-ending injured reserve was in the best interest of him as well as the team. However, it is clear that would have been a terrible idea. The return of Rodgers means great things for the Packers. Even though there is the obvious possibility that a wrong hit could derail his offseason workout schedule for next year, Green Bay still must take a chance. The fact is football is an incredibly dangerous sport. Every single person who suits up has a chance to get really hurt, which makes Rodgers no different from anyone else.

Rodgers’ return will make a football that has shown a lot of promise at several positions into a serious contender that other teams should fear. On top of that, Rodgers will be playing with a chip on his shoulder after he had to sit out for several weeks and watch his team nearly sink without him.

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Run Game Will Improve

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With Scott Tolzien and Matt Flynn under center, opponents have been stacking the box against the run and the Packers have still had success rushing the football. With Rodgers back in the lineup, stacking the box will be a terrible idea, which means the run game will instantly improve. In fact, it’s scary to think what Eddie Lacy and James Starks will be capable of with some room to work with.

Green Bay has averaged 123.25 rushing yards per game since Rodgers went down in Week 9. Look for that number to drastically increase against Chicago on Sunday and the playoffs beyond. An important note: the Packers ran for 199 yards against the Bears in their last meeting.

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Rodgers Makes Everyone Better

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The reason Rodgers gets paid over $100 million is because of his ability to make everyone around him better. He simply raises the level of play of everyone around him, which is a big reason why Green Bay has so much success with him in the lineup and struggle to win a game with him out. You know Rodgers is special because of how the defense when from respectable to unbearable once he went down, even though he plays quarterback.

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Packers Have Shown Resiliency

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Depending on how far the Packers go this season this could be one of the best teams in franchise history. Think about it. The Packers have been without Rodgers, tight end Jermichael Finley, wide receiver Randall Cobb and left tackle Bryan Bulaga for a significant part of the season. Nobody in the world thought that Green Bay could survive without Rodgers for eight games. Throw in the numerous other injuries and it really couldn’t happen. But here we are in Week 17 with a division title on the line.

The Packers have shown as much, if not more, resiliency this season as they had in 2010 when the team won Super Bowl XLV. Even though everyone doubted them, they have still found ways to stay relevant. Of course, some of that has to do with getting a lot of help from other teams. Regardless, the come-from-behind win against the Dallas Cowboys just might sum up with the current Packers squad is all about.

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Confidence Boost

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The Packers declaring that Rodgers will start against the Bears in the regular season finale has given the entire team a huge confidence boost. Sure, there was no cheering and clapping when the announcement was made. However, there’s no question the players were thrilled with the news. An injection of confidence at the right time can do wonders for a team. Look for Green Bay to show some swagger on the field with Rodgers leading the pack against Chicago.

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Rodgers is the Best Player in the League

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People can argue all they want, but there’s no denying that Rodgers is one of the best players in the NFL. He can make every throw on the field look easy, he’s just as dangerous outside of the pocket as he is in it, he has a cannon for an arm and his football IQ is far superior to those around him.

Having the best player in the league return just in time for the playoffs is the difference from falling flat and going the distance. The fact that the Packers have been allowed a final chance at a postseason berth has to make every other playoff contender in the NFC very nervous. Even though Rodgers’ return means great things to come for Green Bay, it will still need to be a team effort if they want to reach Super Bowl XLVIII.