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5 Reasons Why Peyton Manning is the Greatest QB of All Time

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Peyton Manning Is The Greatest

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Every sports fan in the world has engaged in some type of debate regarding the greatest individual performer in a particular sport. In the NBA, many people question whether Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan is the greatest player to ever play professional basketball, and these types of discussions take place across all sports. In the NFL, arguably the most hotly debated topic revolves around the quarterback position, and Peyton Manning has placed himself squarely in that discussion whether everyone agrees with it or not.

Many will point to Manning's playoff struggles as his main flaw when his name is brought up with the greatest signal callers ever, but Manning has individual accomplishments that place him at the forefront of any quarterback debate. Obviously, professional football has undergone immense changes from the time a quarterback like Johnny Unitas played the game, but Manning has skills that would be effective in any era.

Honestly, football is widely considered to be the ultimate team sport, and Manning has leaned heavily on his teammates for his personal successes over the years. Manning's teammates deserve their share of criticism for the failures of Manning's teams as well.

For anyone who wants to discredit Manning as an all-time great due to his lack of playoff success should remember that Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson, and Jeff Hostetler all have Super Bowl victories under their belts. The fact that Manning will never win as many championships as Joe Montana or Terry Bradshaw doesn't mean Manning isn't the best to ever play the position, so here is a list of five reasons why Manning is the greatest quarterback of all time.

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5. Four League MVP Awards

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If there is another quarterback considered to be greater than Peyton Manning in NFL history, it's guaranteed they don't have as many MVP awards. Manning already has four MVP awards and is on his way to a fifth at the end of this season. Jim Brown, Johnny Unitas and Brett Favre are tied for second place with three each, but Manning has more than each one of those NFL legends. Keep in mind that Manning is 37 years old this season, and if he wins the MVP award again he will join Rich Gannon as the oldest players to ever win the award.

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4. Incredible Career Passer Rating

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Peyton Manning has posted a remarkable 97.0 passer rating throughout his illustrious NFL career, which is good for second on the all-time list behind Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers. Keep in mind that Manning was thrust right into the fire after he was drafted by the Indianapolis Colts in 1998 while Rodgers had the luxury of learning behind Brett Favre for what seemed liked ten years before he was handed the responsibility of leading the Packers.

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3. Tied For Most Game-Winning Drives In NFL History

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Peyton Manning is tied for first place with Dan Marino with 51 game-winning drives throughout their careers. Obviously, Manning has plenty of time to surpass Marino on that list, especially when you consider that Tony Romo had a five touchdown performance in one of Manning's latest comeback efforts. Opposing quarterbacks know all too well that no lead is safe when facing Peyton Manning on the opposite sideline.

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2. Unparalleled Mastery Of NFL Offenses

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Peyton Manning has been able to take full advantage of his incredible knowledge of NFL offenses, which allows him to call audibles to adjust his team's play to be better prepared for whatever a defense decides to throw at him. Many people forget that Manning is the innovator of calling audibles at the line of scrimmage, which has become commonplace throughout the NFL during Manning's career.

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1. More Touchdown Passes in A Single Season Than Anyone Else

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The really remarkable aspect of this record setting season for Peyton Manning is the fact that he still has a game to play to finish his season. In that game, Manning has a chance to increase his single-season touchdown record and break Drew Brees' single-season passing yards record as well. When it comes to individual accolades, Manning will definitely go down as the best quarterback ever.