Denver Broncos Using Champ Bailey To Cover Slot Receivers Could Be Beneficial

By Tylor Walden
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Champ Bailey has moved from covering the big time receiver to the third down go-to guy.

The Denver Broncos‘ veteran cornerback has traded places with Chris Harris during the latter parts of the season once Bailey returned from his foot injury. Due to his inconsistent playing time this move does make sense. Going back to the divisional round game against the Baltimore Ravens last year, Bailey could not keep up with Torrey Smith on long pass plays who often ended up behind him as he caught two long touchdowns that game. This is not to say that Bailey was demoted, but I believe it will allow him to learn a new position by covering the slot receiver.

For a corner, it can be difficult to do that because the slot can run so many different routes to get open. But with Bailey’s experience in being a cover corner, this should be a challenging but smooth transaction. It was even said that Bailey was asking for Harris’ advice on how to cover the slot. Interesting to see that a veteran is asking for advice from someone who has less experience than he does, but it always helps to talk to someone who has experience in something that you do not.

Having Bailey covering the slot receiver should prove to be interesting. Covering that position is a tricky one indeed. But with the experience of Bailey and his signature cover defense there is no doubt that he will be able to do this new job well and once again be a key contributor to the team.

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