What Will It Cost the Cleveland Browns to Keep Alex Mack?

By Scott DelleFave
Alex Mack
Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Calling Cleveland Browns center Alex Mack good just doesn’t do him justice, as he is easily in the top two of his position with the edge maybe going to Nick Mangold of the New York Jets. Mack was a first round selection for the Browns in 2009 and has been a star since. Along with consistent Pro Bowler left tackle Joe Thomas, if Mack keeps on doing what he does at a high level, he will warrant a large and long contract from the Browns or whatever team signs him.

There are stories that he will give the Browns an opportunity to match whatever another team will pay for him, however, it is doubtful that it will go that far. If the team and Mack can’t come to some sort of agreement for a long term deal there will not be much hesitation if the team decides to use the Franchise Tag on its star interior lineman. It will cost the team approximately $7.35 million for the 2014 season; however, it will buy the team the most important thing in the world of sports, time to get a long-term deal done.

If Mack–by some fluke–ends up on the open market and the Browns don’t want to match, expect teams to offer him top tier lineman pay, which could be around $10 or $11 million, lasting five seasons. He would be worth every penny to a team that direly needs an interior lineman. All and all, it should be interesting to see how this story develops in the upcoming weeks and months with Alex Mack and the Cleveland Browns.

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