With Tony Romo Injured, Will Dallas Cowboys Realize They Need a New Quarterback?

By kennethbrown
Brad Mills- USA TODAY Sports

With all of the Dallas Cowboys and Tony Romo controversy lately, it’s easy to forget one thing. Romo is indeed out injured, but he’s not as good as some seem to think. The media would have you believe that Romo’s absence is on par to a Peyton Manning injury for the Denver Broncos. It isn’t.

That isn’t to say that Romo isn’t an incredible quarterback on his day, it’s just that his day only comes four or five times a season, and that isn’t enough for a franchise with the heavy expectations the Cowboys carry.

With Romo the inconsistent, accident-prone player he is, the Cowboys may benefit from his injury. They will have to depend on the also inconsistent Kyle Orton, but he may open the Cowboys’ eyes if he performs better than Romo does. Orton has had his own problems and he isn’t getting any better, but he may be the temporary solution. He’s had time to adapt to the team and has had no pressure on his shoulders, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see a confident, fresh outing from the former Broncos player.

Although the Cowboys seem to think that Romo can do no wrong, don’t be surprised to see their views change if Orton performs well. Although Orton isn’t their future, he may help prompt the Cowboys to begin their search for Romo’s replacement. Whether they look for somebody to replace him instantly or for a youngster to take his starting job a few years later is yet to be seen, but changes are likely to be made.

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