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2014 Pro Bowl Rosters: 5 Quarterbacks Who Deserved a Spot Over Tom Brady

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2013 Pro Bowl Rosters: 5 Quarterbacks Who Deserved a Spot Over Tom Brady

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With the 2013 Pro Bowl rosters being announced, I have a bit of a beef with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady being named to the team. Of course, this season is the first year the voting was "un-conferenced," meaning that it did not matter if an even amount of players from each conference made the team at a particular position.

Brady endured a tough season with the Patriots -- not record-wise, but just getting to this point was difficult. I'll give him that. Losing Rob Gronkowski for the season again, after playing without him for the first few games of the year, was a huge blow. Brady's number one security blanket has not been on the field for the majority of play this year, and that hurts especially when Aaron Hernandez is no longer in uniform.

Not only was Gronkowski injured, but Danny Amendola struggled to stay healthy at times and therefore put the pressure on an unproven wide receiving corps including two rookies. Brady, through it all, was able to muster up win after win and is heading to the postseason again. That is nothing short of impressive.

But, when looking at the best quarterbacks in the game this season, I wonder why Brady was chosen. It certainly could not be based solely on stats, which many believe is the determining factor in most votes. Brady was actually rather mediocre for most of the year, which was odd to watch.

With that said, there were a few guys that could have gotten into the Pro Bowl that did not. Those "snubs" may very well have been a better option than Brady, and here they are.

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5. Matthew Stafford

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Matthew Stafford had more yards, touchdowns and more yards per attempt than Brady yet did not make it in. Why? Most of it is based solely on Brady's popularity, but Stafford also plays for a Detroit Lions team in one of the worst divisions in football at the moment.

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4. Tony Romo

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Tony Romo had seven more touchdowns on the year (31) than Brady, more yards per attempt and about a 4-percent better completion rate. Why wasn't he voted in? It's simple: Romo's reputation of being a bad quarterback got the best of him, when he actually had one of the best seasons out of any quarterback in the entire NFL.

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3. Ben Roethlisberger

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Like Romo, Ben Roethlisberger had a better rating than Brady. Also like Romo, Roethlisberger posted more touchdowns, more yards per attempt and a better completion percentage. Unfortunately, he was the only bright spot on a pretty poor Pittsburgh Steelers team in 2013.

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2. Andy Dalton

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Andy Dalton may have had a couple of off games this season but, as a whole, this year was an unbelievable one for him. Dalton, like Romo and Roethlisberger, tossed seven more touchdowns (31) than Brady, threw for more yards per attempt, finished with a better rating and a better completion percentage. But, again, Brady made it in based on his name.

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1. Nick Foles

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Probably one of the biggest snubs in the history of the game, Nick Foles was left out because he only started nine games this season. However, he still finished with more touchdowns (25), over two more yards per attempt (9.03), a better completion percentage and, get this: The best quarterback rating in the entire NFL at 118.8.