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2014 Pro Bowl: 5 Reasons Why Philadelphia Eagles’ Nick Foles Deserved More Votes

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2014 Pro Bowl: 5 Reasons Nick Foles Deserved More Votes

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Not many people had heard of Nick Foles before this season as the Philadelphia Eagles were wondering how they could rebuild their team. He came along and introduced himself to the NFL, while showing that he was the answer in making his team great again. Foles threw 25 touchdowns and two interceptions in nine games, starting only seven. He has had a breakthrough year and arguably deserved more votes and a place on the 2014 Pro Bowl roster.

In the final week of the season, his Eagles team are in the pole position to win the NFC East if they can win against their battered opponents, the Dallas Cowboys. It looks likely that Foles and his team will indeed beat the Cowboys and enter the playoffs. So, surely a man who has improved his team this much deserved more recognition than he is getting, yes?

When you look at the list of selected players, there are ones that without a doubt deserve to be there. However, there are some who shouldn't be there especially at the expense of an in-form quarterback like Foles. It seems like the Pro Bowl can be a popularity contest at times and is not about showcasing those who had a great season, which is what it's supposed to represent.

Whatever happens in the playoffs and the remainder of his career, people will realize they made a mistake in not selecting Foles for the 2014 Pro Bowl. However, this should motivate him, and he will likely see many more Pro Bowl selections that include his name. Here are five reasons why he should have had more votes.

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5. He Came Out Of Thin Air to Save The Eagles

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Last season, Russell Wilson came from out of nowhere to win the starting quarterback job for the Seattle Seahawks and was rewarded with a lot of recognition. Foles has had a similar story this season, so why isn't he getting the same recognition? Is it possibly because he is an old-fashioned quarterback and doesn't have the energy Wilson does?

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4. He Doesn't Throw Many Interceptions

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It seems like many quarterbacks are struggling to complete passes in the modern era, with some like Brandon Weeden seemingly finding more interceptions than completed passes. So Foles throwing only two interceptions in nine games should have been rewarded. Hard work didn't pay off in this case, and it's not fair for the Eagles star.

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3. He Has Transformed His Team

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The Pro Bowl is supposed to be a chance to reward players who have helped their team. Foles' team has seen a rapid improvement largely because of his impact, so why hasn't he been rewarded with a Pro Bowl selection?

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2. They Can Win NFC East in Week 17

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The Eagles had a horrific season last year, but they are a game away from winning their division this year. Most of this is down to Foles, which almost anybody would openly admit. So why doesn't he have a chance to showcase his talents at the Pro Bowl?

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1. He Has Had a Better Season Than Tom Brady

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Players like Tom Brady were selected, but Foles had a far better season. It seems like having a successful past was the difference-maker, and this season mattered little at all.