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Analyzing the Pro Bowl Representatives for the Washington Redskins

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Analyzing The Redskins' Pro Bowlers

Brad Mills - USA TODAY Sports

It’s that time of year! On Friday, the NFL released its list of players that made the Pro Bowl. This year, there was one Washington Redskins’ player that made the roster and four more have been tabbed as alternates.

Offensive tackle Trent Williams was the lone player named to the roster with Alfred Morris, Pierre Garçon, DeAngelo Hall and Brian Orakpo all named alternates. While being labeled an alternate seems like a hollow victory, there stands a pretty good chance that one or two of those players could make a roster.

After the way this season has unfolded it’s hard to give anyone on this team some recognition, but it’s nice that some players are being recognized for their hard work. While the team was bad, there were individuals that played well and deserve to get recognized for it by the league and its fans. However, the Pro Bowl can be a bit of a hollow honor if your team has played as poorly as the Redskins have this season.

On the following slides you’ll find a breakdown of each and every player on the Redskins that has been selected to the Pro Bowl in some fashion. I’ll give my take on their season and whether or not that player truly deserved the honor of representing Washington in Honolulu, Hawaii. Some players are deserving but some are certainly more deserving, and that will be included in the analysis.

Without any further ado, here we go!

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Trent Williams - OT - Named to Roster

Brad Mills - USA TODAY Sports

Trent Williams played a solid season on a really bad offensive line. While at times he seemed lazy and played uninspired, he was fairly quiet at left tackle and that is a good thing for an offensive lineman. If you see him on TV a lot and experts are talking about him, usually it’s not a good thing.

Personally, I think he was only worthy of an alternate but nonetheless deserves the honor.

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Alfred Morris - RB - Alternate

Brad Mills - USA Today Sports

Alfred Morris was the steadiest hand for the Washington Redskins on offense. In a unit that lacked consistency, Morris was the consistent piece that gave them any chance at all this season. Morris rushed for 1,213 yards with a 4.7 yards per carry average and seven touchdowns.

Had the Redskins utilized him more, he would have been a surefire Pro Bowler. After carrying the football 335 times last season, he’s carried the rock just 260 times this year with just one game remaining. Washington not making him a bigger part of the offense is what made him an alternate rather than a pick for the active roster.

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Pierre Garçon - WR - Alternate

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Pierre Garçon certainly had a season worthy of the honor. For the first time in his career, Garçon broke the 1,000 yard mark with 1,290 yards on 107 receptions, a career-high by over 30 catches. Last week, Garçon broke Art Monk's all-time receptions record for the Redskins.

Statistically, Garçon played better than an alternate spot. At the very least, the Redskins have found a No. 1 receiver for the future. Garçon had at least five receptions in all games this season and has blossomed into the receiver they hoped he would when they signed him three years ago. Another plus is that he stayed healthy this season.

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DeAngelo Hall - DB - Alternate

Geoff Burke - USA TODAY Sports

Statistically, DeAngelo Hall is worthy of the honor. Then ten-year veteran has 74 tackles with four interceptions and three defensive touchdowns. However, the tape will make you think twice. Hall was the Redskins' best defensive back, but that’s not saying much. He was beat all too often, and there was a reason they cut him last offseason.

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Brian Orakpo - DE - Alternate

Jim Brown - USA TODAY Sports

Brian Orakpo’s selection is one that I’m having a hard time deciding on. While he delivered in a contract year with a career-high 60 tackles to go along with ten sacks, he was a part of a pass rush that lacked all season long. The lack of a pass rush is likely what makes this such a hard Pro Bowl decision to truly analyze.

However, numbers never lie as they like to say. There’s also no denying that Washington loses a little something when Orakpo isn’t on the field. When you look past the struggles of the players around him, you realize that he’s worthy of the honor bestowed upon him.