Houston Texans Rumors: Bill O'Brien The Favorite To Fill Head Coach Vacancy?

By Phil Naegely
Bill O'Brien
Mary Langenfield-USA Today Sports

After convincing his Penn State players to stick out the bowl bans with him, it looks like Bill O’Brien is leaving Happy Valley and heading south. Adam Sheftner and Chris Mortenson are reporting that O’Brien and the Houston Texans are currently meeting to work out a contract. If this ends up working out, the Texans could be contenders in 2013.

Hiring a coach with college football coaching experience like O’Brien will give the Texans an advantage when scouting college players who are declaring for the NFL draft. Additionally, O’Brien has NFL coaching experience. From 2007-10, O’Brien held roles like QB coach, WR coach, and was an offensive coordinator with the New England Patriots.

The Texans have nothing to lose after stumbling and struggling in 2013. If the Texans hire O’Brien, they are destined for success. It might not come right away, but it will come at some point. In his two years at Penn State, O’Brien lead his team to 8-4 and 7-5 records. In 2013, O’Brien found a way to keep up the Nittany Lions’ winning ways despite losing many athletes and prospects due to the scandal.

While coaching college football and doing it in the NFL are different in ways, O’Brien should be able to make a seamless transition. NFL teams must agree if they went after the coach last season, but he decided to stay with his players. All signs are pointing to O’Brien being the Texans’ first choice, but time will tell if he will indeed make the jump and if he will be successful.

One thing is for sure: If the Texans sign O’Brien soon, they will have made a smart signing before most teams consider firing their own coach.

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