How Important is Josh Gordon to the Cleveland Browns?

By kennethbrown
David Butler II- USA TODAY Sports

When the Cleveland Browns gave up their second round pick in the 2012 NFL Draft to select Josh Gordon in the supplemental draft, some said it was an awful move. After Gordon’s breakthrough season, they must be admitting how wrong they were. The former Baylor receiver has been in excellent form and has been the focal point of the Browns’ offense. The Browns have been struggling this season, so without Gordon, it’s fair to say the Browns would be unimaginably poor.

When players finish their careers, they often say they have their past achievements and glories to reflect on, and that usually satisfies them. Gordon is coming toward the end of his second year in the NFL, and in this season alone he has achieved a lot, things that others couldn’t achieve in an entire career. Gordon missed two games through a drug suspension, but he still had 80 catches and nine touchdowns, while receiving for 1, 564 yards. One achievement he will never forget is setting his own record. He is now the first NFL player to have consecutive 200-yard games.

If that wasn’t enough, Gordon is on pace to finish as the leading receiver in the NFL and he has just been selected for the 2014 Pro Bowl. When he was selected in 2012, the Browns, and the NFL, had no idea how important he would become to the sport and his team. Gordon, admittedly, has a lot to learn, but he is already proving to be an unstoppable force with little experience, so imagine how good he will be when he gets more experience under his belt.

There was talk of Cleveland trading him during this season; luckily they didn’t. Although he has had his problems in the past, he appears to have moved on from these, and the Browns would be foolish to let their star man leave. Gordon is everything to his franchise, and with two years left on his contract, the Browns should be in no hurry to let him go. Maybe they should focus on getting a consistent quarterback, and then Gordon will continue flying amongst the NFL’s elite receivers.

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