New York Giants: Wrong to Bench Ryan Nassib in Week 17

By Christian Nelson
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants are 6-9, firmly out of the playoff picture. They are coming off an NFL Draft in which they traded up for a quarterback to build for their future. And it’s also Week 17. So why is Ryan Nassib not starting against the NFC East‘s worst Washington Redskins? Why would coach Tom Coughlin start terribly inconsistent Eli Manning in a meaningless game? The Redskins get it; they benched their star in Robert Griffin III for backup Kirk Cousins to progress him into a solid signal caller in the future, and to show off for possible trade bait. Why aren’t the Giants doing this?

If you’re going to the game on Sunday, one thing that is guaranteed to happen is a cheer. “R-yan Nas-sib, R-yan Nas-sib, R-yan Nas-sib!” And why not? It’s time to see what the rookie has for the future, Jerry Reese did decide to trade up in the fourth round to take him when quarterback was not a position of need in 2013, so the organization owes it to the fans to bring him out in the last week of the season to see what he’s got in competitive play against an NFC East rival.

Starting Manning is a huge mistake. What if he gets injured? There is absolutely no reason for Manning to be playing in this game, as their is too much at stake if he gets hurt behind the poor excuse of an offensive line on Sunday. And what if Nassib gets the start, and plays extremely well? Then you enter the offseason feeling good about the future of the quarterback position, and possibly have another piece to trade for a playmaker in 2014. Starting Nassib is a win-win, and Coughlin is making a huge mistake missing this opportunity.

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