Should New York Giants Bring Hakeem Nicks Back?

By Christian Nelson
hakeem nicks
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“Like I always say, we know that I want to be here. I understand the business side of things. I’m sure we’re going to talk. We’re going to talk next week from my understanding, but we still have one game left to play, that’s all I’m focused on, putting this uniform on and going out there and competing with my teammates and having fun. … When the season’s over with I’ll just take the next step and see where it goes from there.”

This quote from New York Giants star receiver Hakeem Nicks is encouraging for Giants fans across the country, as it could be a  sign that one of their favorite players could be back in royal blue for 2014. However, this statement from the former University of North Carolina standout could also be a publicity stunt, in which he is trying to keep his name in good standing and not appear as eager to test the free-agent market.

The question really is, does the Giants’ ownership want Nicks back next season? His poor performance throughout the 2013 campaign has been a hot topic amongst Big Blue Nation, simply due to the fact that he had been the difference maker in the passing game for the past three to four years, and in possibly the most crucial season of his young career, he has shrunk in the pressure.

Nicks has a lackluster 54 receptions on 98 targets with 846 yards. Sure, those wouldn’t be bad numbers for a No. 2 receiver on the Washington Redskins, but this is the New York Giants, and this is Kevin Gilbride‘s offense. Eli Manning has most certainly played his worst football in his 10 year career, but he hasn’t completely missed him over 40 times.

The Giants should really look into this situation, as this past year, and even his 2012 season, have been rough. It is encouraging to see a Giant want to return after this disaster of a year, but before signing Nicks to a long-term deal, the Giants must assess how valuable he truly is to this offense. I’m still not convinced he returns in 2014.

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