Trading For Jerry Hughes Provides Huge Impact For Buffalo Bills

By Scott DelleFave
Jerry Hughes
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Back in April, the Buffalo Bills and Indianapolis Colts swapped linebackers right after the draft, as the Bills acquired 2010 first round pick and pass rusher Jerry Hughes, and the Colts got 2011 third round pick and thumper Kelvin Sheppard.

While this raised some ire among Bills fans, as they had grown to love Sheppard, little did most know what they were getting.

So far, 15 games into the trade, Hughes has emerged as a pass rushing force for the Bills, racking up 10 sacks, two forced fumbles, and two pass defenses, while only starting one game. In comparison, Sheppard has had only 38 total tackles and one sack for the Colts; these are pretty abysmal numbers for anyone playing the “Mike” linebacker position in the league.

All and all, it looks like the Bills made out like bandits here, as they have massively overhauled a position of weakness in 2012 into a position of great strength, as they also added free agent Manny Lawson for four seasons. Things could be looking up, as the Bills’ team will go into the second year of defensive coordinator Mike Pettine Jr.‘s scheme and look to do consistent mayhem to opposing teams’ offenses. Yet in comparison, the future for Sheppard is unknown, as the Colts might look at an inside linebacker early in the draft, thus making him expendable, as he is a one trick pony since the league and it’s coaches are stressing maximum versatility.

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