Dallas Cowboys Are Doomed Regardless Of Starting Quarterback

By David Galleher
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Whether Tony Romo, Kyle Orton or Jon Kitna started this game, it wasn’t going to matter. This game is going to be ugly, and quick. With Romo officially out after a week-long cat and mouse game of trying to hide the injury and extent of it, this game is over before the coin toss. The Philadelphia Eagles were going to win this game no matter what. Quite simply, they are the better team.

With Nick Foles playing as well as he has, he has the potential to dominate the poor Dallas Cowboys‘ defense through the air. He has put up seven touchdowns in a game, he protects the ball, and he plays smart.  If he doesn’t feel like throwing the ball the entire game, he won’t have to.  A few yards behind him lined up in the backfield is one of the best running backs in the game. LeSean McCoy is also poised to have a monster game against this poor Cowboys’ defense. They are the worst defense in the league and it shows. McCoy has the most rushing yards in the league this year and could easily put up 200 yards and sit out the second half; he’s that good, and the Cowboys’ defense is that bad. This is a perfect storm for McCoy to run all over this pitiful defense.

Even if you thought the Cowboys had a chance with Romo starting, it’s time to abandon that insanity and re-think things. With Orton under center, does anyone in America think he can lead them past the Eagles? If so, you’re crazy! Orton is set to make his first start since World War 2, and we will quickly find out if he was worth that big backup quarterback contracts he stupidly got.

The Cowboys have had one of the strangest seasons in recent memory. At times, it seems like they didn’t even play to win. They play to put on a show or make fans miserable. There were games this season where DeMarco Murray had upwards of 80 or 90 yards in the first half and hardly got any touches in the second half. It defies common sense and reason to not continue to run the ball when your running back has that type of success in the first half. Conventional wisdom would say that the Eagles should stack the box and eliminate the run, but you don’t even have to! Your best bet is to let Murray get his yards and the Cowboys will stop giving him the ball anyways. It makes no sense!

Dez Bryant is the only threat the Eagles need to worry about. As long as he doesn’t have a big 10 catch, 150 yard, three touchdown day, he won’t beat you. Double team him and the problem is solved. The Cowboys don’t have another big play threat down the field, no disrespect to Jason Witten, of course. Witten is going to have a good game, as always, but he doesn’t have the ability to put the entire team on his back and win it himself. So, double Dez, limit Murray, and the Cowboys will find a way to hurt themselves.

Now, on to the Eagles’ offense. It is as explosive as any when they are on the same page and firing on all cylinders up and down the field before the Cowboys even know what hit them. They could put up 50 points today if they don’t sit their starters in the second half. But who knows, maybe the backups will dominate this poor Cowboys defense too.

The Eagles are just the better team. Romo gave them the slightest of chances to win, and Orton gives them no chance. Welcome to the playoffs, Eagles. Maybe they will pop the champagne before the game and give the Cowboys a chance to at least make it close. Eh, even then, the Eagles will win big. Maybe next year, Dallas!

David Galleher is a writer for RantSports.com. Follow him on Twitter @theDaveGalleher.

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