Detroit Lions: What Do Reggie Bush's Comments Mean For Fans?

By Chris Loud
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit LionsReggie Bush made comments to the Detroit Free Press that should mean a lot to Lions fans who have been dealing with the team’s constant hope-crushing over the past few decades.

Bush said, “I just think that maybe our chemistry as a team definitely struggled and lacked a little bit — and obviously the turnovers and big plays, making more plays when needed … As a team, when you kind of have that mentality that no matter what the situation is, you can always overcome it and come out with a win,”

His comments suggest that there’s been some off-field issues going on with the Lions that might explain their late-season collapse. Lions fans who have been experiencing these types of seasons for years likely responded by saying, “duh”. Bush’s comments at least validate what fans have been assuming all along but haven’t heard much about.

Being the new guy, but enough of a veteran to understand a problem and talk about it, he was the perfect person to shed some light on the lingering issues of the Lions.

Obviously, when you have the type of talent the Lions have, coaching gets blamed before the players, and Jim Schwartz will likely get fired. However, many coaches have gone through the Lions’ system and experienced similar issues. Should Lions fans be looking at the front office and ownership more closely? I do think more players like Bush need to step up and talk about what’s going on off the field in an effort to bring the issue out, and hopefully find a way to eliminate it.

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