Is John Harbaugh Safe After Baltimore Ravens Blow Playoff Chances?

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Sunday, the Baltimore Ravens had the opportunity to keep their playoff hopes alive with a win against the Cincinnati Bengals. They not only needed a win, but also some help from both the Miami Dolphins and San Diego Chargers. If Baltimore could have gotten a victory and those two teams lost, the playoffs would indeed be a reality.

Unfortunately, for the Ravens, they couldn’t beat the Bengals on a day when Andy Dalton tossed four picks. In fact, Cincinnati still wound up winning convincingly by a score of 34-17. The Ravens only racked up 222 total yards of offense as the Bengals got dangerously close to 400 despite the turnovers.

With the Ravens’ playoff dreams now gone, is John Harbaugh’s job safe? This season, the Ravens’ offense was pathetic on some occasions, while being mediocre on most. Defensively, they haven’t been phenomenal, but also haven’t been toward the bottom of the league. Clearly, though, they fell off compared to a season ago — as expected.

Right now, I believe Harbaugh’s job is safe. He didn’t have much to do with the fallout on offense — that’s on the front office. The biggest weakness was on the offensive line, where they couldn’t hold against a fourth grade girl at times. It wasn’t his decision to trade Anquan Boldin, either. The Ravens’ offense endured a few injuries along the way, and their fate seemed to be right around where they ended — neither above nor below .500.

Harbaugh is well-respected in the locker room and the organization, so for any questioning about his job being in danger to occur in the coming days would be a bit uncalled for in my opinion. There will be some who are upset with the way the season ended and look to blame the coach — after all, Harbaugh took the blame for the team “not being good enough” this year. But, to put the blame solely on him would be highly unnecessary.

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  • steve

    It may be premature to say this. I have been falling off of the Harbaugh bandwagon since he came to Baltimore. After 6 seasons he still seems to make a lot of rookie coaching mistakes. Clock management is horrible, our adjustments during the game are extremely slow or nonexistent, he appears to be unprepared at crucial times during the games, our game planning is predictable and easily identified by the opposition. I understand that the other coaches are responsible for most of this, however, he is captain of the ship. At times it seems noone is in charge. A recurring theme of his tenure appears to be hiring friends. They don’t work out and he is hesitant to make the difficult decision to make the necessary changes (Castillo, Caldwell, Cameron). He seems to be a nice guy, well liked and respected, but may not be a strong enough personality type, to handle multiple task requirements of the head coaching position.