Keep An Eye Out For Michael Vick, Another Wrinkle For Chip Kelly

By Bob Francis
Michael Vick
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The season is on the line for Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles. They prepare for a Sunday Night Football matchup with their division nemesis, the Dallas Cowboys, for the NFC East crown. The winner will earn a berth to the playoffs, with the loser ending their season wondering what could have been.

It seems that with each passing week, Kelly has gotten more and more comfortable with the NFL. He has forced others to adapt to his style and used the weapons at his disposal to, at times, destroy the opponent. He has been unorthodox at times, with questions surrounding some of his decisions, but he’s stuck to what works for him. Kelly still has yet to pull out all the stops though, because, until this point, the season never depended on it.

Now, it does.

Unless the Eagles get out to an astounding lead, similar to last week against the Chicago Bears, expect to see everything Kelly has in his bag of tricks to win the game. That means that we could see Michael Vick before game’s end.

No, don’t expect to see Nick Foles sidelined in favor of Vick. But instead, don’t be surprised to see the pair on the field together. Last week, Kelly placed Brad Smith at the quarterback position to run the wildcat against the Bears. This week, pulling out all the stops, Kelly could find a wrinkle that involves both Foles and Vick on the field to give yet another option for the Cowboys to deal with.

If it’s not necessary, don’t be surprised to see it in the playoffs. Putting both quarterbacks on the field would throw another option into the Kelly offense and open the opportunity to have two accurate passers on the field at once. It would allow him to run a variety of running and passing options by using Vick’s legs or arm as weapons to add to the already lethal offense.

Kelly has always made claim to using all of his available options to out-think the defense and take advantage of what he sees available. Surely somewhere in his playbook he has already developed the play where both quarterbacks get their hands on the ball and the Eagles take a shot at a homerun. Time will tell if the Eagles need to use it, but don’t be surprised by anything when it comes to Kelly.

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