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Philadelphia Eagles: 5 Keys To Victory vs. Dallas Cowboys

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Pittsburgh Steelers' Best Players in 2013

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The Pittsburgh Steelers 2013 season was a roller coaster ride that has finally come to an end. The Steelers finished the season with a disappointing 8-8 record but that doesn't mean there weren't some bright spots for them in 2013.

After starting the season 0-4 all looked lost for the Pittsburgh Steelers but thanks to great coaching and great quarterback play Pittsburgh was able to put themselves in playoff contention up until San Diego defeated Kansas City in week 17.

To the Pittsburgh Steelers, this season will ultimately go in the history books as a failure but as a fan it sure was fun to watch the boys in black and gold this year. Many games came down to the wire and the Steelers fought hard right up until the very end. I believe that if the Steelers could have made the playoffs they would have been a legitimate super bowl threat but unfortunately it was not to be.

As the Steelers get ready to go into the offseason they will be looking to make adjustments to their roster but there are many great players who will remain on the Steelers in 2014.

Pittsburgh has much to look forward to in the future and all though they did fall short of the post season there are many talented individuals on the Steelers who the organization can be proud of.

Without further ado, let's take a look at the top performers for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2013.

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5. Nick Foles

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Nick Foles has stepped to the forefront at quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. He is entering elite status. His 25 touchdowns, two interceptions and quarterback rating of over 118 are beyond impressive numbers. His one off game of the season came against the Dallas Cowboys. Foles will need to have a huge bounce-back effort for the Eagles to take this game on the road.

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4. LeSean McCoy

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LeSean McCoy has established himself as the best running back in football. He will need to be the focal point on Sunday Night. He and the Eagles' athletic offensive line should expose a weak Cowboys defense on the ground.

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3. DeSean Jackson

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DeSean Jackson can potentially set the franchise record for receiving yards on Sunday Night. Jackson will need to be the guy in the passing game. The Eagles see a porous Cowboys secondary on Sunday Night. I would be surprised if Jackson didn't have a huge game, and he may need to for the Eagles to come away with the win.

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2. Trent Cole

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Trent Cole has come out like gangbusters the past few weeks. He has seven sacks in his last five games and is really getting after quarterbacks. He will need to be a terror off the edge, and get pocket passer Kyle Orton off his spot for the Eagles' defense to disrupt the Cowboys' offensive timing.

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1. Cary Williams

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Cary Williams will be responsible for covering Dez Bryant all night long. This is a huge chore for any corner. Bryant is as physically gifted a receiver as there is in football. Williams will need to keep Bryant in check and prevent him from taking over the game if the defense wants to be successful on the road.