Detroit Lions Playoff Tickets Holders Get Cruel Reminder Of What Could Have Been

By Chris Loud
Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

First of all, to the Detroit Lions fans who already purchased playoff ticket packages, I commend your unconditional confidence and wishful thinking.

Whether buying tickets for the playoff as a Lions fan can be seen as a recipe for certain disappointment or not, it is admirable to go for it and hope for the best despite the Lions’ consistent ability to throw themselves under the bus. What probably didn’t help those wonderfully loyal fans feel good about purchasing their playoff tickets ahead of time was receiving them in the mail the day after they were mathematically eliminated from playoff contention.

On the Monday following the Lions’ heartbreaking 23-20 loss to the New York Giants that officially eliminated them from the playoffs, fans who purchased playoff tickets received the doomed vouchers in the mail. Just when they started to think about their week, and how they were going to focus on work to help them forget the great tragedy that happened over the weekend, they get a package full of tiny reminders of what could have been.

Despite that horrible sinking feeling in the pit of their stomachs, the good news is the Lions said they will be able to compensate them for their loss.

The money used for the playoff tickets will be credited towards season ticket renewal prices. Essentially, the Lions are offering store credit as their return policy. When you buy something that turns out to be useless, the last thing you’re thinking about is shopping at that store again.

However, I’m sure once the wounds of 2013 heal, the fans will still be excited to watch the Lions in 2014 because that’s how Detroit fans do it. They stick with it, ride the wave of disappointment, and keep on trudging through.

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